Design Project
Global Supply Chain Logistics

Design Process
I worked on this project during the pandemic when ports were overcrowded and companies faced challenges in tracking and moving their products to their final destination. I worked closely with leadership to understand the technology's logistics and designed a campaign that conveyed a sense of movement, user-friendliness, and accurate tracking. Photoshop, Indesign, and XD was used to create banners for social media, wireframes for sign up pages and website design concepts.
Design Concept
I chose bold colors like blue, green and orange, which are often associated with speed, efficiency, and innovation. Our target audience consisted of people who already understood the industry, so we used visuals and messaging that resonated with them, such as shipping containers on trains, ships, trucks, and airplanes to communicate the breadth of Blume's software's tracking capabilities. The end goal was to capture the vibrancy and excitement of the global supply chain industry and how Blume's software provided solutions for customers. 
Design Solution
To craft a consistent narrative, I utilized branded colors, assigned typography, and selected photography that is easily recognizable across various marketing platforms. 
The icons used were also designed with the purpose of being intuitive and easy to understand. In order to convey the software's key feature, we integrated informative videos throughout our web content. As a result, our designs not only look aesthetically pleasing but also effectively communicate the product's value proposition.
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