Design Project
Sustainable Residential Real Estate Development

Design Process

My design process began by identifying the objective of the project, which was to create a message of sustainability and community. I conducted research on best practices for sustainable design in residential real estate development, including how to incorporate green infrastructure and renewable energy sources. I also identified key assets that would help achieve the end goal of creating a sustainable and community-focused development. 
Design Concept
The design concept was developed keeping in mind the need for balance between nature and human needs. To convey the environmental and community focus of the project, I incorporated photography of parks, and natural elements, spaces for residents to gather and connect, including community gardens. The project will also promote sustainable living practices, such as reducing energy and water consumption and using alternative modes of transportation.
Design Solution
To bring my design concept to life, I utilized Adobe Suite and Google Slides to create a visually tell a story. My designs incorporated clean lines, natural colors, and imagery that evoked a sense of harmony with the natural world. By showcasing the features of the development, my design helped secure approval for the project and provided a blueprint for its execution.
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