Heidi was built in 1972 in the valleys of an old mining town call Dutch Flat in California. Su and her partner saw the potential diamond in the rough when they purchased the cabin in July, 2020. It was the perfect pandemic project keeping them both busy while being isolated from crowded cities. They spent almost every weekend for 14 months fixing the old cabin themselves and with the help of several skilled contractors. 
​The concept was to blend the cabin's history into the design of the space, to recreate what it may have been like to live here during the gold era. Recycled materials and second hand items were sourced to decorate this 320 sq ft cabin. You will also discover a few pieces of furniture and wall decor that was shipped from Su's previous apartment in Budapest, Hungary. 
Dutch Flat was founded by two German brothers, Joseph and Charles Dornbach who settled there in 1851 during the California Gold Rush. The Chinese migrated to Dutch Flat to build the railroads. The old chinatown use to live along the gravel road as you drive down to the cabin. You will notice cherry blossom and apple trees on the property, not native to the area but brought here by the chinese community. The sleeping loft that not part of the original floor plan, was built to accommodate the sleeping area. You will wake up to views of trees from the loft window. The vintage woodstove was brought to the cabin from Tahoe.
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